Summer is approaching!☀️


As the warmer weather is quickly approaching, this presents the perfect time and weather conditions for a driveway refurbishment. Now is the time to prepare your garden for family get-togethers, and restore your driveway to its former self. Our expert and highly experienced team will refurbish your driveway with industry leading materials, or provide you with the materials for your own self-completion. Let's get ready for the best summer yet!



Is your paving dirty, has weeds and needs a little TLC?


We can solve your maintenance problems!


Our quality refurbishment team can transform your paving, bringing it back to life, and advise on simple, long-term maintenance. Alternatively, we can arrange for all the quality materials to be supplied direct to your home if you choose to carry out your own maintenance.


Simply choose from the two options at the bottom of this page to refurbish your paving today.



We refurbish both pattern-imprinted concrete paving and block paving.


Pattern-Imprinted Concrete

If your pattern imprinted concrete paving is more than three years old, it is likely to be in need of a spring clean. Once the paving has been thoroughly cleaned and treated for moss, algae or oil stains, a fresh coating of sealer will bring your paving alive again.


We can also tend to a variety of minor defects if required, and we will advise you on simple maintenance guidance for now and for the future.


Block Paving

Maybe the drive was laid before you moved in, or perhaps it’s that you’ve never really thought about long-term maintenance?


The facts are the same – wind, rain and the passing of time cause severe harm to block paved drives, weeds establish themselves through the smallest of gaps and your once proud paving looks in need of attention.


You need the best protection available and we can provide that need. When all the preparations are complete and the seal has been applied, it’s like having brand-new paving!



Depending on whether you would like to complete refurbishment works yourself, or would like request a free, no-obligation survey to sit back, relax and watch your drive be rejuvenated by our professional, experienced team.